Founded by the De Zutter family in 1954, Wind is today an international reference in high-quality textile creation and design.

Located in an area well reputed since as far back as the 14th Century for its textile, Wind embodies expertise and age-old tradition.

The new generation today intends to continue with the expertise and values of the brand, whilst adding their own personal touch.

Today Wind distinguishes itself by its exclusive design and its inspired collections as well as its conception of customer service.

The selection of high-quality materials and the development of an innovative design where contemporary rubs shoulders with the latest trends are the signature of the Wind brand.

Each collection offers a unique assortment of colours, motifs and textures exclusively proposed by the brand. These collections are today on show in some of the most prestigious locations throughout the globe.

Finally, the stability and development of the Wind brand have been established throughout the decades via exceptional relations with clients, retailers and agents.


Capital 1A HR ZT.jpg

Capital is a present-day collection of Trevira CS and FR polyester. This type of exquisite fabrics has the chic and affirmed elegance needed in order to create a high-end look. The combination of the medallion print and the transparent stripe is suitable for both residential and contract market. Both neutral and bright colours give a fresh dimension to these fabrics. The collection is in perfect balance with two nice FR plains, one Trevira CS recreating the nice linen look and one FR dim-out with a trendy ribs velvet look.


Flow 2A HR ZT.jpg

Flow is a timeless collection of sophisticated designs and qualities. The combination of the extravagant print Arno and the Tiber (Easy Care fabric) create a warm atmosphere to any interior. Flow is combining softly but surely deep colours into perfect harmony. The fresh pattern Yellowstone gives this collection a strong and fresh character emphasized by the multi-colour aspect. This collection is characterized by a plenitude of details, creativity and materials.


Bretagne ZT LR.jpg

Bretagne is a flame retardant collection combining several tripes and checks. The technical requirements for contract business, the ease to treat and the beautiful looks make this collection perfect for hotellery as well as home decoration. Since it is a collection in 160cm width, it is well-suited for drapery as well as for napery.


Bridges ZT LR.jpg

Bridges dresses your interior with flair and elegance. Fresh patterns and the touch of the shiny yarns give this collection its strong character emphasised by the wide range of deep natural colours. Jubilee, Kennedy and Tampico are all nice fine polyester fabrics with an eco leadband. Richmond, a nice contemporary jacquard is accompanied by two excquisite burn-out fabrics Somerset and Vecchio. All in all, Bridges dresses your interior with flair and elegance.


Castle ZT LR.jpg

Castle is a flame retardant collection of roomhigh fabrics. Orangery is a nice leave print on the base Borghese which is also available as plain. Belvedere is a beautiful stucture in Trevira Cs with a woolen look and is available in 3m20. In this collection you also find a new dim-out with a soft hand.


Harbour ZT LR.jpg

Harbour is a timeless collection of sophisticated linnen fabrics. The combination of the modern print Savannah and the elegant linnen plains is naturally complementary and creates elegant and fresh interiors. Harbour combines soft but nonetheless fresh colours to a perfect harmony. The collection is completed with a nice roomhigh stripe Alexandria and a beautiful transparant Jakarta.


Orchestra ZT LR.jpg

The mix of fabrics in the Orchestra collection creates a nice group with a masterful use of fresh colours and perfect designs. Violin, an embroidery on a print is a heaven of colours. It matches perfectly with Clarinet, a silky stripe with an embroidery and Djembe, a hand- woven fabric in nice multi colours. Guitar and Piccolo, are both playful fabrics in nice trendy colours. All in all, this collection is characterized by a plenitude of details, creativity and materials.