Titley And Marr

Textile Designer, Titley and Marr was founded in 1984. They believe quality and feel of the product is at the heart of their business.

Every seasonal collection is designed in-house with styles inspired from traditional documents from across the globe, recreating imagery and colourations that suit modern day living environments.

Printed and woven fabrics made of textured yarns, wools, velvets, linens and cotton, combined with a mix of natural colours and rich vibrant hues predominate her collections.


Contemporary Collection

Contemporary Collection.jpg

Simple, stylish prints to suit a more uncomplicated lifestyle. Bold, clear designs in striking colours. This is the first part of an evolving collection of contemporary designs.

Cotton Prints Collection

Cotton Prints Collection.jpg

New collection of simple cotton prints; timeless designs suitable for traditional and contemporary interiors. Great selection of colours.

Three Prints

Three Prints Collection (2).jpg

A new collection of prints – traditional in nature; colourations influenced by a mixture of historical and contemporary inspirations – all printed on 100% Linen