Titley And Marr

Textile Designer, Titley and Marr was founded in 1984. They believe quality and feel of the product is at the heart of their business.

Every seasonal collection is designed in-house with styles inspired from traditional documents from across the globe, recreating imagery and colourations that suit modern day living environments.

Printed and woven fabrics made of textured yarns, wools, velvets, linens and cotton, combined with a mix of natural colours and rich vibrant hues predominate her collections.



Kalamkari Room.jpg

The word Kalamkari is derived from the Persian words Kalam meaning ‘pen’ and Kari meaning ‘work’.

Kalamkari refers to the art of pen and brush technique painting on cloth – generally the pieces described the narrative of religious legends from which stories were learnt in the temples.

Kalamkari is a product of the southeast coast of India. The antique piece which inspired this collection would have been made for export to the Persian market, probably to be used as a door curtain.

The Cypress tree was a popular Persian motif. Originally in 16th and 17th century all colours were painted onto cloth, in the nineteenth century most colours were printed by woodblock, although often the yellow was painted on with a Kalam.

The inspiration for this collection was printed by woodblock in the late nineteenth century.

The Kalamkiri Panel can be joined edge to edge, with or without the narrow side border. The panel measures 3.00m overall but can be shortened by removal of horizontal stripes – off cuts can be used creatively to make complimentary items. The panel is available in the same six colour combinations as designs Cypress, Pedana Stripe and Persian Paisley.

 Passion Flower

Passion 01 Summer.jpg

Botanical watercolour paintings of Passion Flowers which are painted from life are arranged into a meandering all-over pattern. These extraordinary architectural flowers, shown in their glory, in three full-blown colouirations- inspired by the colours of Spring, Summer and Autumn.

Watercolour textures, inspired by the printed flowers are used to produce the complimentary design Garden Stripe and a beautiful Strie Stripe in a woven cotton completes the collection.

 Gularat Safari collection

Gujarat Safari Collection.jpg

A whimsical print full of movement/motion and inspired by an old Indian woodblock print. Wild animals are seen leaping and charging across these enchanting scenes which are reproduced in six individual colourways. Each Gujarat Safari print is complimented by a coordinating stripe & spot fabric; Kerala stripe and Madras spot. These come in similarly muted yet bright and clear shades of aqua, paprika, rose, ochre, coral and linden and are suitable for furnishing a multitude of settings.