Güell Lamadrid 

Güell Lamadrid is based on the balance between the distinction of the most sophisticated patterns and the charm of functional plain designs. The fabrics of those who know that quality and caring about the smallest detail make each space unique. The fabrics chosen by interior designers. 


Bloomsbury Collection

This year we are proud to introduce Bloosmbury Collection, the result of several months working in collaboration with the prestigious interior designers Sylvia and Victoria Melián Randolph. An exciting project where we had the opportunity to learn and enjoy the company of these great professionals. The decoration style of Melián Randolph is often described as an elegant mix of flavors, embracing different trends. Therefore it makes sense they are so appealed by the Bloomsbury Group, who moved away from the Victorian style in London during the beginning of the 20th century to set into something that was more bright and modern. They dared to use colour, light and uncommon artwork, applying it all in the decoration of the houses where they met and lived.

Bloomsbury is a colorful collection that joins prints, weaves and textures. The perfect combination between modern, natural and elegant fabrics, resulting in a final collection with a unique character.

Virginia is the most fascinating fabric and the main print of the Bloomsbury collection by Melián Randolph and it was created from an original Italian drawing of the XIV century, inspired by the tapestries of the time. It is a print full of natural motifs such as animals and flowers, on a cotton/ linen base. The color palette has Mediterranean inspiration: terracotta, aquamarine, sand, blue and stone.

Les Creations de la Maison

We love natural fibers with a special preference for Linen. We apply the most modern techniques to highlight the beauty of our fabrics. We are the fabrics created by those who know that quality and care about the minutest detail are what turn each space into something unique.



Checks are one of today’s trends; the masculine look is fashionable again, and once more, we have interpreted it with our fabrics.

This collection is composed of 3 fabrics, available in 6 attractive colour ranges without shrillness, and which perfectly coordinate with our classic linen Gothenburg in addition to the 4 fabrics in double width that we have also launched .

Dunsford: Elegant checkered fabric inspired by the tradition of English fabrics. Available in 6 ranges of colours, from green or blue to gold, baby pink, taupe or beige. Coordinates with Cadover and Hembury fabrics.

Hembury: Chenille with an elegant worn effect produced by the weft of raw colour. Perfectly coordinates with Dunsford and Cadover fabrics.

Cadover: An elegant and masculine colourful "pied de poule" fabric with great contrast, available in 6 colours that perfectly coordinates with Dunsford and Hembury chenille from Dartmoor