London Interior Show welcomes Jim Dickens



Jim Dickens is based in the beautiful historic city of Lichfield, in the creative county of Staffordshire. Steeped in the wonderful world of textiles we are passionate about creating exquisite, tactile, luxurious fabrics. Our inspirations are eclectic. In 2004 Jim Dickens immersed itself in the Persian culture of the Ottoman Empire with our inaugural collection “Olympus”  gaining much kudos and recognition with interior designers, decorators, upholsterers, furniture makers and curtain makers in the United Kingdom and overseas.

Today our collection includes influences from French, English and Italian periods of history. Our research encompasses art, artefacts, the Renaissance the Decorative Arts Movement, the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, Art Nouveau and Art Deco. The atmospheric paintings of Mark Rothko have also influenced our work. However, our inspiration can also be fired by the very simple things we come across in our daily lives, a blossom, a leaf, a beautiful landscape. We have visited Topkapi Palace, Istanbul, the Metropolitan Museum in New York  and the Victoria & Albert and British Museums in London. Their ancient and modern textile collections give us an insight into the history and skill of the creators of early textiles. The work of William Morris and Mariano Fortuny have also been massively influential on design makers in more modern times.

The Jim Dickens archive has been collected throughout a long working life, with rare and valuable pieces found in the souks of Marrakech, ancient Ottoman and Turkish textiles, rugs and carpets from specialist dealers in the Grand Bazaar, Istanbul, and beautifully hand embroidered bed covers from India.

Jim Dickens overflows with designs and colours related to the wealth of our rich national heritage. Our collection offers opulence, refinement and elegance and looks fabulous made into curtains and upholstery. Olympus Ottoman Spice offers an indulgent look of splendor on a statement sofa, chair or favorite old settee to be re-upholstered. Our luxury plain chenilles, velvets and textured weaves offer extravagance and look splendid in a corner group. 

In Autumn 2019 we are excited to launch Jim Dickens “Imperial" collection, the first of our new contemporary collections. We also launch “Fantasia,’ a Jim Dickens Heritage collection for 2020 where the Aesthetic Movement meets Islamic Art, with beautiful colouration for timeless classic and modern homes. The collection can be viewed in many of our partner stockists’ showrooms throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland. Please visit our website for worldwide distribution.

Simon Blackley