Guell Lamadrid - Sikkim, the Last Utopia of Human Kind


To get to ‘Sikkim’, the hidden jewel of the Himalayas, you will have to walk through green hills, through villages made of bright and colourful houses, and cross rivers of crystal clear waters. The whole path is framed with Buddhist flags, which the locals hang to pray surrounded by nature, easily spotted with their colourful clothes. ‘Sikkim’, also called the last utopy of the humankind, is hidden among Nepal, Bhutan, China and Tibet, and it is the perfect place to get lost and start dreaming.


The Sikkim collection has an impressive figurative design of Nepalese inspiration, printed in a very particular way on a 100% Cotton base, mixing oral designs and images of tigers.

Available in colours: cream base with neutral colours and dark base with bright colours.


Sikkim, the cradle of Indian Crafts

From carpets, carved wooden furniture, or canvas tapestries, Sikkim crafts have a special charm.

Let’s look at some of the older techniques at LOST IN FABRICS

Simon Blackley