Guell Lamadrid - Inspiration from the Shadow of the Palm Trees

In the Bahamas, there is a small island which has, literally, six streets. It is called South Bimini. Its 180 registered inhabitants all brag about its exuberant vegetation and of a sacred rock from where (according to foreigners) rises the source of Eternal Youth.

It seems that, looking to get younger, or to find inspiration at least, Hemingway arrived on this remote island in 1935. It is holding on to his fishing cane, underneath the palm trees and during those long afternoons surrounded by the sea, the abundant vegetation and infinite peace, that he wrote what would be his masterpiece: The Old Man and the Sea.

Bahamas Collection


In this collection of palm trees printed on cotton-viscose velvet, the goal was to capture the magic of this poetical landscape. It is available in 3 spectacular and original combinations of colours: terracotta and ochre on a black background, greens on beige, and khakis and greys on a cream background.

Would you come and find inspiration below the palm trees?



Bahamas, the isle of artists


Jackson Burnside is a cultural icon on the Bahamas, and he was a notable architect and painter. Throughout his career, he actively participated in community and cultural affairs.

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