Small Steps, Huge Change with Les Créations de la Maison

One of the London Interior Show exhibitors, Les Créations de la Maison, are making taking steps to make a huge difference, not just for their local community but for our global environment.  Read the article below to find out about their work with the MUCHA TELA project.

We think that great things often start with small actions. From this honest and discreet point of view, we have been building little by little the MUCHA TELA Project.


We believe brands must be involved in social or environmental actions. Helping to reduce the waste of our coasts is our way to compensate the planet for the amount of garbage generated by the human being.


For a long time, we, at Les Créations de la Maison, felt the need to get involved, fulfilling our social duty. The nature always was strongly present in our way of thinking as a brand, it is a constant concern that our slogan, “The living Nature“, makes evident. Therefore, there was no doubt we needed to engage in a social mission through the world’s oceans, coasts and natural spaces.

Believing that every small step in the right direction counts, we have decided to initiate our path with the MUCHA TELA Project by Les Créations de la Maison.

This waste collection project started on July 17, in Santander. More than 50 people (children and adults) worked together at the first expedition, cleaning all kinds of garbage from the Cantabrian coast, and along the shores of the Santander beach (El Puntal). Of course we were also part of the cleaning team. The partnership with ECOMAR Foundation was a key element for the project success.

But our work does not end there!


We have created a beautiful and large bag. It is extremely comfortable, inviting those who take this issue seriously to collect garbage and plastics wherever they are. his tote bag is made with recycled fabric from ECOALF in “ocean blue” colour, and with ecru handles in organic cotton from Les Créations de la Maison. Thanks to its weight and shape it can be perfectly folded and kept inside any handbag, becoming a valuable ingredient to avoid the unnecessary consumption of plastic bags in shopping establishments

With the aim of raising awareness, especially during the summer, about the plastic consumption, we intend to massively ship our MUCHA TELA Project bags made from recycled plastics, to others that care about the cause.

We do understand that garbage collection in maritime natural spaces is a battle we must fight together.

If you wish to have more information about the project do not hesitate to tell us through social networks at @lescreationsdelamaison or visit our web page

Simon Blackley