Baker & Gray create bespoke, unique & beautifully designed embroidered fabrics and accessories for homes and interiors. At the helm of this vision is Sarah Baker, a British Designer who has spent many years working in the design industry. Her expansive travel has seen her living and working in continents such as India, Africa and Europe, drawing inspiration from the flora and fauna encountered on her journey.

Walking on the banks of the Zambezi River, Sarah would often collect beetle seed pods leaves & fruit, whichbecame the foundation of motifs that you see in Baker & Gray collection today. The current collection tells the story of those early days in Africa, called “Savannah.” Printed and plain linens, complement the collection of embroidery with the recent addition of wallpaper, embroidered ribbons and fringing. The collection is ever expanding, with two new collections of embroidered and printed cushions being launched at this year’s LIS show. 

Using British craftsman wherever possible, Baker & Gray produce longevity within its high quality products, giving the owner an element of reluctance to ever part with it.

Trailing Acacia Olive Roomset

Trailing Acacia Olive Roomset

Embroidered fabric stack.jpg